It’s amazing to see how fast dynamics can change.

One minute she’ll be staring at you with a twinkle in her eye
Next she won’t even look right at you as she’s saying goodbye .

These little nuances go a long way.
A smiley face here on this text message. A slow, wide smile as you talk on and on. She smiles and gazes no matter what you say, then starts to draw closer with each step you take. Listen to her breath softly with her head resting on our shoulder.

Another day comes, some things seem wrong, no hug upon sight, just a “hey”, not even a “let’s grab a bite.” She doesn’t look at you with that same earnest smile and she looks somewhere else as she listens to you blabber.

Maybe something’s wrong.
But these little nuances go on an on.

Until one day, it just wasn’t the same.

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